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How to Buy the Best Digital Camera for You?


1 - How much are you ready to pay?

Whenever I am asked the easy question "how do you choose a fresh camera?" I usually suggest identifying how much cash you are ready to pay first. This must be a quantity you are really more comfortable with shelling out for a camera, which I will assume is an extravagance and not essential!! The reason behind this is that you can spend quite actually anything from $10 to $10,000 on a camera! The unfortunate rule of thumb with cameras is that, generally, the additional money you spend the bigger the potential quality of images you can take. One very important caveat to the though - buying an expensive camera does not imply you will automatically take better photos than with a cheaper one! Bearing this at heart, you need a starting place, and I cannot think of 1 better than money!

2 - What do really need to do with the camera?

This may appear to be a stupid question, but actually it is extremely a fundamental one. Do you wish to take stunning landscapes which you can exhibit in a gallery, or do you merely want snaps you can send instantly to friends and family? The answer for many people is someplace in-between both of these extremes. You therefore need to work through exactly what you should do with the camera. Another big concern is do you want to just take photos or do you wish to record video footage?

3 - Do you want to simply take snaps or really enter photography?

If you just want to take snaps then that is okay, and a little, compact digital camera provides plenty of features, and there are so most of them to choose from. If, however, you need to get into serious pictures you will require to consider something a bit more advanced, either a sophisticated compact camera or a digital SLR (I'll explain the word SLR in another article) that you can connect different lenses to. In the event that you do buy an electronic SLR you are getting into a magical world of accessories, it is a package junkies desire world!! But also a pricey one. A new electric battery for my DSLR will definitely cost me $70!

4 - Do you wish to bring your camera with you at all times or simply once in a while?

Being a professional photographer, I hate transporting my big, heavy SLR with me personally on holiday, but are not able to afford to be with out a camera. I have an excellent, professional quality Canon G11 that i may take with me wherever I go which handles that problem! As this article though is about how to choose the best camera for you, it is reasonable to assume you won't be looking for just two cameras. Not yet anyhow. So the small compact cameras are excellent and can produce some fantastic photos, and are obviously convenient to carry. Rather than so conspicuous, which might be important. SLR cameras nowadays are quite small, and another general guideline well worth remembering is that the more you pay the heavier the camera!! In the event that you were thinking about buying an basic level digital SLR than you may be surprised how compact a few of them can be.

5 - Film or digital.

For whatever you youngsters out there shock information - you can still buy film cameras! Film cameras are, by their character, much less immediate than digital camera models, but still have a very unique charm, and cause you to consider what you are going for a photograph of, as you purchase every shot. It really is incorrect to presume that digital is the automated choice - there continues to be a location for film cameras. I assume if you are under 40 digital is crucial, over 40 you might want to think about it...

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